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Kirjoittaja Aihe: 12.4.2020 Club Abzint Fetish Ball IV (Norrköping SWEDEN)  (Luettu 994 kertaa)


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Club Abzint Fetish Ball IV

Liput myynnissä vain Club Abzintin jäsenille - Turun Baletin jäsenille ilmainen CA jäsenyys! Lue lisää täältä!

Tickets on sale only for members of Club Abzint - Turun Baletti members enjoy a free CA membership! Read more here!

Club Abzint Fetish Ball IV - April 12th 2020 (Norrköping SWEDEN)

You may enjoy spectacular shows on our grand stage in this beautiful old theatre, go upstairs to watch from the balcony or go into the side room for some s/m play. If you want more intimate action, go down to the basement where there are lots of small rooms in the swingers club. Ground floor includes seating and a bar in good talking volume. Maybe we'll fire up a dance floor last hour of the party if you are up for it.

Strict dresscode and code of conduct. Tickets are available with or without early meetup that includes food. Hotel discout on Elite Grand Hotel with our booking code. Take the train, share a car, fly to Skavsta 40 minutes north of Norrköping, or Kungsängen airport in Norrköping. Gallery from a previous fetish ball in the same venue can be found here: https://clubabzint.se/portfolio-items/club-abzint-fetischbal-3/

On stage (more to be released)

Fräulein Frauke - radical, glittering showgirl - is Swedens biggest burlesque export, travelling the world with her unique, cheeky and glamorous take on classic burlesque!

Necrinity - multitalented beauty performing a fetish-neo-burlesque-act.
Harley Queen - Swedens own burlesque anti-heroine is here with a fantabuluos show

Conny the Con Man - the straight up opposite of a scoundrel is presenting our show, find him afterwards to ge som financial advice, or to get some fresh takes on creating world peace.

Tickets and full info on https://clubabzint.se/events/fetishballiv/

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